The Agate Rings gave only Agates

So far – you can get WVR desynthable items for 9k and GSM desynthable items for 11k that are both r115 from Coerthas vendors. I made it from 107 GSM to 116 GSM in about ten minutes. And then I made all the money back by selling the 11k rings for 20k each on the MB because I’m a terrible person <_< The rings give BC2s, not BC3s. They are a level 51 zero star recipe. It seems that they are considered to be r51 for the purposes of item drops, but r115 for the purposes of experience gain and desynth difficulty. I had a 50% chance with dSkill 115. It remains to be seen how items obtained via the new one star recipes will be treated.

The Agate Rings gave only Agates (and the occasional BC2) from desynthing them, interestingly, even though crafting them takes both 1x Agate and 1x Basilisk Whetstone. I’ll post more info as I get it, but I won’t be doing much desynthing right now since I have both RL work to do, weekend plans, a main story to finish, and a Machinist to level xD.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn_20141029222513
FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn_20141029222513

Leveling Crafter classes is fast though – level 51.5 WVR after about 10 minutes of the level 45 leves. It’s only 5 leves to get from 50-51. Leveling crafters will help with desynth…. now if only I actually chose to focus my specialties on my desynth classes xD.

Yeah, at Foundation when you get past the first couple story missions (Temple Leves). Also, when you can unlock Temple Leves, you can also unlock Collectable Synthesis. As far as I could tell before I got locked out for 24h by a login bug, Collectables are just like leves, but you only have one option per level per class, you have to make it yourself, you can do it an unlimited number of times (?), and it gives like 1/4th the exp of a leve (75k at level 51). For GSM, I had Agate Ring of Healing. I bought Agate Rings from the vendor for 11k, broke them down to get Agates (90% chance of getting Agates from them), and then re-crafted them into 75k exp items. The craft itself gave me 18k too, so I wound up getting 93k GSM exp (and ~0.3 GSM dSkill) per 11k spent. So, like, 100k for GSM 50-51 and GSM dskill 116-119. Not bad, imo.

So far, just like before, it looks like ilvl == rlvl for fish. That’s at least true from the i120 (f51) fish to the i145 (f58) fish, from what Zorlinta says (thanks for the data, Zorlinta!) I’ll put logical flvls next to the fish. I guess we’ll see when someone catches a 60* fish if the rlvl is really r180? It really does seem like crafter and gatherer rlvls are not the same. r120 being the lowest for the fish is kinda annoying because the highest rlvl of fish from 2.x is r80, and all of those fish are super rare. So, going from dSkill 90 to dSkill 110 for CUL desynth looks like it’ll be a pain still. From what I’ve seen, the only logical way to do it is to use the level 45 crafter/gatherer leves to farm Better Crowned Pies to bridge the gap, and then start on the r120 fish as soon as is feasible. Or, be crazy and start at dSkill 90 with Tinker’s Bacon up, which would give you a 0+15% chance to desynth an r120 fish.

What’s odd about this is the last set of fish are i180, but the last set of crafted gear is i160. i180 is the ilvl of the upgraded Law Tomestone gear. Does this mean there are no 60* fish (only 60**), or that the fish are actually r160 (despite being i180), or the i160 crafted gear is r180? Guess we’ll find out?

Oh, and according to Lodestone, there is no new demimateria, and few post-50 items use any Demimateria at all. The only post-50 items that use FC3s are the new Primal furnishings from the two new Primals (the Extreme versions). The only post-50 items that use FC2s are the new Hard Mode Primal Furnishings, two music boxes, and a new chandelier. Nothing else is used, post-50. The only new items that use BC3s are the new level 50 Bright Primal and Wootz weapons for the three new classes. I suspect we’ll see IVs when they let us desynth the Law gear, or gear from post-60 dungeons that aren’t out yet (all dungeon gear is currently desynthable, contrary to what they said when they told us token Artisan gear isn’t desynthable because “new gear is never desynthable”… Also, btw, those items are *still* not desynthable!)

There are also no new seeds, and only a single gardening-obtained item is used in any post-50 items (Glazenuts are used for three new c60* crafted minions).

I’m lagging way behind with levels because I keep trying to do everything, and I was locked out for most of the weekend. Could a crafter who’s making items whose recipes are listed as being level 54+ please let me know what their desynth chance is on the items they can make? Like, let me know: Level listed next to the recipe (NOT required level to equip), your dSkill, and your success rate BEFORE desynthing (if you desynth it). Any value over 0% would be really helpful for figuring out how the rlvls scale with the recipes, you don’t have to actually desynth the item!

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