The Bottom Feeders: Moves You Never Use and Why (Ver. 3)

I posted a similar thread over on the Tank forums, and I was surprised to find it was bringing in responses from other Job’s. So, I figured I might as well post a duplicate thread in the Dps corner for you guys to take advantage of.

The idea for this forum is:
1. To post moves that you never, rarely, or just not as frequently use.

2. Why you don’t use them often

3. and what might be done to improve their usage (this could be anything from SE implemented changes, to Hotbar suggestions or situational usages that other people may not have thought of).
Some things to note in advance:

Just because you don’t use a move frequently does not mean that it is inherently “bad.” Doom Spike is not used very often in the Drg line up. It doesn’t have a combo bonus, and is situational for Trash pull’s on multiple mobs. That being said, it is a great AoE move when buffed appropriately and used sparingly between rotations for moves in a Drg’s skill set, and is actually in indespensible part of a Drg’s AoE rotation. It’s just not used as frequently, and is often ignored in boss fights (even ones with adds) because Drg’s excel at single target dps.

The idea is not only to list the “bad” moves that require SE’s intervention to “fix” (though you might, if there are moves that require it). Any moves that you do not use regularly are fair game. The idea here is to help one another. If someone lists a move they don’t use a lot, it could be because it sucks, or it could just be that they are under using it. At this point, more experienced players should step up and list ways in which they might get greater use out of that move. To that end, do not be afraid to ask questions about moves you might feel you’re not using to the best of their utility.

Also, “HAR HAR. GIT GUD!” Is not a helpful response and makes you look like an ass. If you don’t have something useful to contribute, then don’t.

I don’t know how useful a thread like this will be over here on the Dps forums, since you guys tend to have very strict rotations, but I got some interesting responses from some of you in the Tank version, so I’m curious to see what you guys come up with.

That’s actually kind of the point. Geirskogul is an amazing ability, but it still is not used as often as the other two tier 4 abilities that are opened by Blood of the Dragon… However, you are correct that it is not a situational move and averages a regular usage as part of the Drg standard rotation. So, I changed the original example to Doom Spike, as it is a situational move and used far less frequently by comparison. Still, probably, not the best example, but it will do.

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