The broken FFXIV Holy trinity

Yoshi….you need to make the mobs much more powerful in this game. It is clear to me that you mobs don’t hit hard enough especially in dungeon. I made a post about Bad tanking habits where tanks will pull half a dungeon and force dps to just press one button.

This is cause cos you mobs don’t hit hard enough. Now i notice stupid dps habits. That have also occurred. The DPS will take hate sometimes. (Usually cos they opened way to much fire before you can grab hate) Then they will keep nuking as hard as they can. Instead of stoping and letting you get hate back. Their excuse is that they are in a hurry.

They can do this cos the mob doesn’t cause them serious threat. They can get away with it. This is dangerous cos this isn’t how the game is meant to work (I know cos i played FFXI and understand the FF holy trinity very well) There is a lot of each of your classes that players aren’t exploring cos they don’t have to simply cos you made your mobs way too easy.

in FFXI and in a lot of other game even with the best gear in the game you can’t just take on 15 mobs and aoe them down. Actually i dps ninja. Here is what you do to aoe. Huton->Kassatu->Doton->Spam death blossom until you can cast either doton or maybe katon depending on the situation. Most of the time you’re pressing death blossom. Yes it is one button and yes i do perform in high numbers. What else is there to do. The game design is bad with regards to mobs and it’s starting to show with player habits.

Having a mob 3 shot a BLM is painless. The Blm learns “Hey when i get hate maybe i shouldn’t keep nuking”. That blm learns. And gets more involved with their game. If you keep letting people get away with what ever they never learn and you ruin you game cos stupid stuff starts to happen. There are several other games that have multiple dungeons that at least require your tank dps and healers to show some respect to the mob. These days there is no respect what so ever. It’s boring

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  1. Im quite late, but please, what games ahve you on your mind while saying “There are several other games that have multiple dungeons that at least require your tank dps and healers to show some respect to the mob?”

    Im on long run in searching alternative for WoW which lost its difficulty long ago. FF XIV looked great for me cus holding the threat isnt so easy in early dungeons (the only dungeons I tried).

    All other MMORPGs I tried was just about rushing ahead, pulling all around, AoEing with thumb in the ass. No need for CCs, carefully pulling, giving the tank some time for aggro… Tanks can be replaced by plate wearing damagers, healers can be replaced by spell damagers with only few healing side spells…

    So I ask, which game with holy trinity require showing respect for mobs? Please, save my poor soul!

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