‘The Elder Scrolls Legends’ release date and spoilers: Is it really arriving this year or not?

Speculation has been widespread—and confusing—regarding “The Elder Scrolls VI’s” arrival sometime soon and whether Bethesda is working on it or not. But apparently, there is hope for another mobile game from Bethesda, after the successful release of “Fallout Shelter.”

However, IB Times’ reports that “The Elder Scrolls Legends”—the official title for Bethesda’s second mobile effort/game—isn’t bound to arrive soon, even though it was rumored to be coming out this year.

VG 24/7, by way of the article, covered Hines’ comments on Twitter when pressed for a release date of the mobile-sized “Elder Scrolls” game. The title, however, was announced during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) last year. It was also rumored that the game will follow fellow genre-mate and competitor “Hearthstone” as a free-to-play trading card game.

If it ever arrives, is it enough of a sign that “The Elder Scrolls VI” will follow suit, in the same fashion as “Fallout 4?”

According to this Australia Network article, that’s just wishful thinking. Right now, the focus of Bethesda Softworks is on “Fallout 4” because it is yet to receive its first DLC or any substantial content. Considering the amount of support Bethesda throws behind a title they releas, it’s safe to say that it would probably take a long time before any official news about “The Elder Scrolls VI’s” development comes out.

Rumors about the game are still going strong, despite the lack of any real new information from the developers. Popular rumors said that the game will have the province of the Black Marsh or Argonia as its primary location, with Elsweyr, Hammerfell, Valenwood, and the Summerset Isles emerging as other possible locations.

“The Elder Scrolls Legends,” if and when it comes out, has the potential of doing the same thing as “Fallout Shelter.”

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