The existence of “FFXIV Encyclopedia” in the future

Hello all the scholars of Eorzea,

This is quite a silly question, and I don’t know if it had been asked before, but this has been a big dream and everyday question that I have been keep asking myself.

Do you think we can see the existence of an encyclopedia about FFXIV in the long future?

We can read about the beginning of many countries, the birth of many races and clans, the history of the Allagan, the timeline since the First Umbral Era and the climax that changed them, the origin of some monsters, etc. or even how the story have been so far currently.

And in FFXIV case, a massive world with a massive history and untold stories. I think, why not?

As I have seen how this turned out to be with one of my favourite game I’m currently playing, the Diablo franchise. The story and its lore keep coming from time to time, and Blizzard has also done a good job to organized them for fanbase who are interested in them, so they can have a complete view of the world of Diablo.

There is one problem with FFXIV, beside the rewatch cutscenes system in the inn and reading the Journal logs to briefly recatch what happen in the specific quest, you will still miss important things from NPC dialogues. And if you miss this, you will miss them forever. (Unless you go to some database website or wiki to read these dialogues again, but it still a complicate job to do) It’s also a really hard job for new players that join into the world of Eorzea and still cannot catch fully nearly everything that already happened or currently happen in the game.

So what is your opinion about this? Do you think we will see one someday from SE? Or do you think Anonymoose will write one?

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