The Golden Saucer consists of going in and checking off daily/weekly tasks

Most content in this game becomes a task to complete after a while, a daily grind or chore because you want something from it and have to keep doing it to obtain that. Gold Saucer is no different in that regard. For myself I go there when in between other things to play some cards, race chocobo’s or grind MGP for mount/outfits and more cards. I was looking forward to minion fighting attraction before it came out thinking would be more like pokemon battles rather than a moba…I personally do not enjoy moba games in general so in the end I haven’t played vermillion other than once with the tutorial match despite looking forward to it a lot prior to finding out was going to be a minion moba.

The mini events I do for the MGP, not for fun mostly. The triad was fun for a while but became a chore and I do it for the cards and MGP now, the tournaments are horrible because of cheaters. Chocobo racing is still fun in small doses, I don’t do that for the MGP alone yet. The mini lotto is purely for the MGP, not fun and same with jumbo lotto though the jumbo one often feels a complete waste of time since can only do it once a week and it’s been 5 months since our server has even had a top prize winner. As said I do not play the minion moba. Daily I go there and do the challenge log (excluded vermillion) for the MGP. The MGP raising is for the mount and the cards from card packs and things like cloud card etc I am still missing. No matter what they add, after a while it will always become a chore, a routine, a task as long as you have to keep doing it because the thing you want is locked behind doing so.

The exception is things like the main story quests, hildibrand quests and so on because you only do it once normally unless have alts. That’s just the nature of MMO’s but at least SE adds new content quite often every few months which is good. There is nothing much SE can add to gold saucer that will not become a chore eventually if you do it enough times…such is life. It just differs generally person to person how long before it becomes that. The only thing I think SE can keep doing is adding more gold saucer content over time, more events, more games and more rewards/items etc.

Everything in life eventually becomes a chore if do it enough times. Try eating your favorite meal/snack every day for an entire year for example, you will get sick and tired of having it all the time. Every game you ever play if play it enough times and play it daily will become boring and tedious. We are people and not robots, we have limited levels of patience and anything fun if repeated enough times will become a chore. You favorite shirt or dress, wear it every day for a long enough period and you will get sick and tired of that too as another example. You might have a favorite dungeon in game but if run it 10,000 times or run it 100 times a day every single day you will likely become sick to death of it.

That’s the same for everyone, all SE can do is keep adding new content and new things to keep people interested but there is no single one thing SE can add that will be fun forever, for everyone and never becoming a chore. Give SE ideas for that new content but be under no illusion that eventually people will get tired of whatever idea you come up with. They will want more ideas for newer things to get stuck into and begin enjoying after bored of the previous thing because they have done it so much and gained everything they wanted from it. That is the gist of what I was saying earlier in response to you asking for something that won’t become a task/chore. Anything come up with might be fun for a while but it will become a task or chore eventually if done/played enough times.

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