The Housing problem and my proposed solution

Good day forumites! With the news that the development team is finally considering having a decay on the current housing system it’s become a bit of a hot topic on the forums.

Personally I find that this is something that is needed, but is a bandaid to a broken system that needs to be re-worked from the ground up. But first we need to identify the main problems with the system as it stands.

The problem!
Housing is limited and in extreme demand
Players can retain housing no matter current subscription status or even banned
Players can buy MULTIPLE houses
Individual Players share the same space with free companies
Rapid inflation of FFXIV Gil means more and more players can afford housing further increasing scarcity
Players in general treating the game as a solo endeavor rather than a group.
Currently due to the haphazard release of personal housing the housing situation has only become more and more dire as time has passed due to the lack of being unable to revoke housing plots of inactive players. Problems also arise regardless of this fact due to the popularity of housing in general, there is no way to accomidate every single player with their own plot of land in a housing in a ward. Fact of the matter that if it were possible without being cost prohibitive to Square Enix you wouldn’t be reading this right now.
The solution is obvious but the implementation of it is stiffled by only what seems to be Square Enix’s refusal to admit they underestimated demand and released the personal housing system without actually doing anything to forsee the obvious result that players have told them about from Day 1 of the expansion of the system from Free Company to Personal.
The Solution!

Let’s face the facts there will never be enough plot space for the players who want housing as it exists, we need to remove personal housing from the company wards. What SE will do about currently owned personal homes I don’t care if they allow current owners to keep them as long as the upcoming decay system is in place the number of currently owned Personal houses would remain static and only decline as time moved forward freeing up space for companies to use.

Personal Housing needs to be as easy to obtain as possible yet be able to expand as the player themselves grow, I suggest that all personal housing be moved to the Inn room that players start the game with (Early in the storyline at least). by doing this the developers can use an allready existing system that allready is tagged for almost ever single player in the game.

I suggest that the inn rooms you have at the start of the game and your personal company room become interlinked (Keep the 100k fee if you want and explain it as a maintenance fee to change your rooms connection)

This room should start out as the exact inn room your start with as your base furnature, but as time went on you would be able to purchase or upgrade your personal room in different ways.
-Larger floor plan
-Multiple floors
-Larger item capacity
-purchase a small plot of land for outdoor furnishings
-Modular rooms you can interconect
Some of these upgrades should be good cheap ffxiv gil sinks, others can be amazing rewards for ingame acheivments.

The point is that the players room can become something that grows with them as their character grows and expands, these rooms would be linked to your character and not your free company the only thing you would loose in the event of company departure is your 100k connection fee to be repayed when you join a new Free company (Your room will always be accessable from the inn, for this purpose)

The Lore! (Because we know someone will be against this for lore reason)
Look, Square Enix has allready giving themselves an easy out on any insane thing they want to make sense in the FFXIV universe.


Let’s face it like another game series Metal Gear Solid has Nanomachines to explain everything from a omnipotent weapons net to a unkillable vampire Square has the perfect easy out lore explination for everything.

The ancient wisdom of Allag layed to waste to give you etherial access to Allagan Housing units. Available from your inn room and transferable to your personal room in company housing.

Don’t like the Ancient Allag? In XI moogles were integral parts of the players personal housing. Introducing MMS (Moogle Moving Services)

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