The Other Side of The (Raid) FFXIV Force

Some comment I had read, made me think about it.

Let things stay this way: I am a bad player. Bad, it means I’m no skilled to make difficult things, my reflexes are not enough to pass Titan ex for my entire life, and all things like that. Let it say I recognized it, not everyone is smart same way, not everyone is always the “first of the class”. I just have to deal with it.

Now my question is:
Is it right I cannot experience the story behind raids as the FFXIV Coil?

Good or bad thing, gaming community tends to isolate players like me. Yes I find nice people that bear with me and do not kick me, but all places requiring everyone being smartiest than me, I will hinder party and will not pass those places. Even if accepted as I am by party, I will not pass that duty, disband comes first.

Now, I acknowledge the game must be fun for all, and some difficulties are there to be overcome, so I am the first to admit that asking for something being easied, is same selfish as asking it being more difficult by the expert players and makes me no better.

So, how do this situation can be handled? I thinked about it a lot. I know old raids will be nerfed and nerfed over the time, so it maybe possible I can pass maybe one or two years after it first came. But is it right I must wait years to experience its story? Not the loot, not the glory, not the achievements. Just the story behind it.

So I came to a possible solution, that I’d like share with you all to see if I am just crazy or have some sense:

It will be a new kind of duties, maybe I call it with some shiny name, “Chronacles of the era” duties, that they will be classical 4-member duties, with content as the Raid one, with same cutscenes and about same look and feel, but the content (and rewards, so no one wonders about them) reduced to a 4-member duty, and no much harder than some of the normal endgame duties we have.

I think, with that kind of duties, people like me can enjoy the full story without hindering expert players on their Raids, and no more drama about how much raid is difficult or not. This is just an idea, but why not, lets share it with you all

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