The scaling of parry was screwed up completely and for Paladin

If you don’t have accuracy; you can’t even hit the monster which is simply artificial gating. There is literally nothing to think about and no skill attached to this stat. You need an X amount of accuracy or your skills just don’t work.

Secondary stats need to be cool, helpful, and actually meaningful. All this does is pretty much artificially gate players. Its not really an important stat to be honest.

Parry is the same, the statistics for it are so low right now it doesn’t really matter. You can have 5000 parry and it would still feel like a pointless stat.

How about we remove these joke secondaries and replace them with more meaningful ones?

“-% Threat”
“+% Threat”
“Thorns” = reflect damage + damage reduction.
“+% TP Reduction”
“+% Mana Reduction”
“+% Reuse Speed”
“+% Casting Speed.”

Skill Speed, and Spell Speed are kind of worthless too. After all the Skill/Spell speed on my gear it barely raises it to anything. Its NOT even 5%. Why even have the stats if they don’t feel significant?

1) Accuracy is a measure of how well you place your weapon when striking something, if you are accurate enough you hit. So…Accuracy should affect Parry.

2) Parry sucks because there is no way to alter the strength of the parry, the scaling of parry was screwed up completely and for PLD, Parry happens after blocking is evaluated, reducing parry’s impact tremendously for PLD. I’d rather see each chance of blocking and parrying being evaluated separately, and only if a blow is both blocked and parried would blocking take precedence over parry.

Throwing in 7 new secondaries all but one of which are % based is just adding needless complexity.

SkillSpeed and SpellSpeed being separate stats is a bit nonsensical to me, I will agree since they both measure speed and you never have both stacked, so DoW always stack SkillSpeed and DoM always stack Spell Speed. Would be better to simply have Speed which works for both, and doesn’t need two types of materia.

Rather than adding new stats, I think it would be better to re-evaluate the existing ones and the impacts that they have, each of the primary and secondary stats should have a good reason to exist, and a good reason to be used by one or another class/job. Presently there are too many stats that have very little impact on play and Parry is one of the worst offenders.

I’d suggest giving Accuracy a 0.1 (plucking a number from thin air) Parry weighting, so a high accuracy will have a beneficial impact on the parry rate.
I’d suggest allowing the attack power (or determination) of a player to vary the strength of the parry.
I’d suggest merging both SkillSpeed and SpellSpeed into a single Speed stat, and replace all Skill Speed/Spell Speed with tier equivalent ‘Speed’ materia.

I’d like to see determination have an impact on things like cure strength, block strength, parry strength (but not attack power or damage) and even our resistance to status effects and elements. Critical Hit is as it should be, it should also be possible to critical a parry.

Two secondary stats I would like to see added would be stats that apply directly to your physical or magic defense. Materia for this would not be able to me melded to armor, but only to accessories. The impact of this should be mild, so perhaps 0.25 DEF per stat point. This would let players increase their defense more dynamically, and independent of armor worn. It would also allow PLD & DRG to increase their magic defense, if they wanted, for example.

Note: Please note that much like the OP, these suggestions are all ‘off-the-cuff’ and are not meant to be fully realized proposals for specific changes….

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