The “Tank Problem” Solution Suggestion

HI all. this is in response to the tank problem regarding the ever increasing focus on DPS for tanks and healers, which in and of itself is not bad. I and many others love doing damage even when providing other main roles. The problems are with having to choose gear based on strength. Slaying versus Fending. No other job has this choice. Being unable to roll on str items, (which is fine, but needs to be fixed so that you don’t care if you can’t need strength dps accessories.)

This is a fix for tanks who don’t feel like tanks should feel, when you’re trying to gear your right side like a dragoon. In response to the dozens and dozens of threads on the issue.

First time poster here but I read and research alot, so I’m quite aware of the current problems progression tanks face which trickles down into less intense facets of the game.

My solution is multiple simple changes (some of which have been suggested before), but must all be implemented or only half the issues are fixed.

Step one: Scale tank damage 50/50 vit/str regardless of current stance.

Step two: Vit adds magic defense and str adds physical defense. (edit: also tank stance only)
(Not an overwhelming amount, but enough to make it worth having and this allows different tank jobs to shore up their shortcomings. Combined with step one tanks dmg remains the same.

Step three: While in tanking stance, any successful parry results in an immediate and automatic riposte attack for lets say 170 potency (just a random number, devs can make this call). It happens automatically, no extra button pressing. An instant high potency auto attack if you will. Now parry can be useful. Maybe 20 or 25% chance on successful parry. I’ll leave balancing to the devs .. Added edit – An internal cooldown of 5 seconds or so to keep the skill in line when fighting large crowds.

Now with riposte tanking should yield dps akin to tanking out of tank stance and stacking str gear. Which will also no longer be an issue. Outside of the itemization problems this game already suffers from of course. But that’s a whole other can of worms. I believe if these steps are all implemented together it would fix alot of the problems I see here. Paladins could also get a low potency passive shield spikes in order to bring it up to speed with the other two tanks without ruining the whole 1 hand versus 2 hand weapons not making sense to output similar dmg.

So that’s my thoughts. Please any other suggestions or problems with these feel free to add. Otherwise feel free to /sign and jump on board.

Another plus side of these changes is it adds zero button bloat but fixes multiple issues in one go.

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