There needs to be preseasons between each season

During a “Season” in any competitive game mode people will try their best and salt will be at its highest, because the thirst to win is real. It actually matters to your ranking and what prize you will end with when it finishes. This is why people turn away, because after they’ve played a few PvP matches and are met with “DONT PLAY HERE NOOB”. It’s not welcoming and it doesn’t give them time to grow.

Having constant seasons with no “break” of a preseason between doesn’t give room for new players to actually come in and learn how to cope in a 4v4 situation. 8v8 doesn’t prepare you properly enough for it.

I know players that are just treating this season as a “practice” season to play new jobs… but that’s not fair on the people who didn’t get where they wanted to in Season 1. I’m doing it right now – switching between playing dps (main) and my healers (new).

Include preseasons. Give competitive players a break to stop any burnout and let new PvP’s into the fight. A season should be something that is celebrated and is an event – not something that’s on 24/7 because then it’s not really a “season” at all.

Perhaps with 4.0, but right now I’m pretty sure they’re on a tight timetable for this; 3.25~3.35, 3.35~3.45. 3.45~3.55… That takes us nicely up to 4.0, whether Feast even remains relevant beyond that is anybodies guess…

As far as new players go, I don’t think a pre-season would actually help that much… People are still going to be joining up mid-season and have no where to practice, what we really need in that regard is a proper non-competitive version that people actually play… SE still needs to do pre-seasons though, just so they actually have time to make solid adjustments and prepare rewards… Season 2 is pretty terrible IMO, most of the adjustments made in 3.35 have actively made things worse… That’s the kind of thing a pre-season is there to test…

I’m honestly somewhat tempted to quit… I don’t (often) shout at new players, but constantly getting “What’s Purify?” level players is just completely ruining any enjoyment in Feast… I’ve got my rewards from season 1, I’m pretty much just continuing with season 2 for fun, but that’s becoming increasingly difficult with the players I keep getting matched with… The losing isn’t bothering me, it’s more the way in which we lose… SE really needs to stop whatever work they’re doing on a new stupid Frontlines map, and instead work on improving Wolves Den… Give us 4v4 unranked, add a Wolves Den Roulette (Fold/Feast 8v8/unranked 4v4), add some damn tutorial quests/whatever for new players… Bare minimum, I’d like PvP to be locked off to players until they complete a quest in which they have to use Purify on an NPC in Wolves Den Pier… That cannot be a hard addition, but it forces people to figure out that PvP actions are a thing before they can play… I shouldn’t have to be teaching people about PvP actions within a minute before a competitive match…

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