This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered this in FFXIV

Everyone understands the “wearing rose tinted glasses”. Everyone “should” understand that not every game is for everyone, and how much a game is for you can vary on several different levels. What am I getting at?

The fact that not once, not twice, but 3 times. I’ve been “shunned” by a LS and half of its active people for voicing my opinions about FFXIV. It’s at the level of religion, where if you don’t want to have a high risk of destroying your relationship regardless of how close you are to the person you simply don’t talk about it unless you say you agree with everything they say and leave it at that.

The first time I was talking about FFXI. A game in my opinion will never be beat back before Abysea. I understand and can respect it wasn’t for everyone. Some even down right hated it. I personally loved it for its challenge, and depth, and how leveling up, and doing quests, etc. required real teamwork between random peeps. It was awesome, and in my opinion even the basic quests felt like an adventure because you’d have to grab several high level friends and hoof it all over vana’diel.

It was these contrasting differences between FFXI and FFXIV that I voiced the first time. I even out right said I respect what other people feel and think, but I was attacked for a good hour then shunned from an LS I had been in for half a year.

The Second time was in another LS I had been in again for quite a long time. I voiced my opinion that I liked the direction FFXIV was going before ARR. Of course at release it had major problems. Tons and tons of optimization problems, etc. But I liked the general base mechanics, and how things were improving, I saw a very good future for it had they continued. I voiced my opinion I just didn’t like the way FFXIV was for varying reasons which to keep this post rather short I won’t get into.

I was again attacked, shunned, and asked by several people to leave the LS. Even though again I repeatedly said, even at the very start that I respect what other people feel or think about FFXIV.

The Third time, just last night, again same situation. I voiced my opinion that I think FFXIV is rather easy. There’s not much depth to any of the mechanics, or fights, and even coils and savage’s are very easy to me. The only thing that makes me fail them are lag spikes, or other people just not caring to learn the mechanics or hoping to get carried.

I even voiced the logic that many of the fails are just due to simple human error, being tired, etc. as well and even if you wipe repeatedly, its again not necessarily because its hard, but other small factors that played into it. Simple button miss clicks by 2 people can make a wipe. I personally don’t consider that “hard”.

But again I was attacked. “Why do you not have them all completed then? Why do you have only 1 lvl 60 then? yada yada yada” well because I don’t play often. It’s a pretty simple logical answer.

What’s with this mentality that god himself gifted us this game, and shame on anyone who doesn’t think its 100% godly perfection?

In my opinion there are many glaring problems with the game at its very core. The elevator progression on everything imo is just horrendous. That’s an Opinion btw. Please don’t bite my head off for it. The reason I feel this way is because it makes everything you did and work for obsolete, and useless a few months down the road. (Don’t mistake this of course for the same in other MMO’s where you get new stuff every few levels which makes past stuff useless).

What I’m talking about for instance is the zodiak weapons. Good job, you spent MONTHS of hard work, MONTHS of grinding, and time spent, and now we just released a new expansion where EVERYONE can get what you have in 1 day with no effort.. Kinda makes all that time spent acquiring it useless and a massive waste of time doesnt it? Especially when you consider that those weapon stats really didn’t do much in terms of helping you through dungeons easier in the long run. It’s not like in FFXI for example, that getting a weapon, or armor could be extremely beneficial for a very very long time with very obvious and large usefulness. Even if down the road new weapons or armors came out that or special NM drops came out that were better, many times the old piece of equipment would still be very useful on either another class, or a specific situation, and it never really lost its complete usefulness.

Same goes for the current ceiling cap of armors and upgrading them, you do realize in a few months time or shorter all that had work will be for naught as well right? It just diminishes the value in doing anything in my opinion.

Then of course the effect this has on crafting, making 95% of everything between levels 1-50 completely useless, and most things now between 50-60 also useless as new things are added and everyone is boosted to these max attributes. Makes crafting for new players a complete headache that’s hardly worth it.

This is why I feel games like FFXI where everything was evenly distributed between levels, leveling was slower, and there was plenty to do between all levels and not just endless boring grinding of the same dungeon again and again and again and again for something that in a few months time is going to be useless anyway as everyone can by pass what you just did and get instantly boosted to that new level, was better. Made crafting useful at all levels, if I didn’t want to grind parties to level up I had a plethora of other things I could do that took alot of time to complete, but I could do with friends, and was engaging and exciting. (Hunting marks is really all there is in FFXIV, and that’s neither engaging or fun, it’s more of another chore).

I could go on, but this isn’t supposed to be a rant thread. You get the point. FFXIV just isn’t really for me, and even though I don’t always understand this extreme love for the game so many people have, I respect that that’s what it is. Maybe its the society of today where everyone wants everything without real effort, doesn’t matter how long it takes so long as no real effort is required except just spending time. Maybe its because people don’t know anymore what true challenges are, or having too remember combo’s, and learning hidden mechanics, and not having bosses tell you ahead of time with a charge up on every attack what its about to do, and having too use limited tools to keep the fight going and get past them. Who knows.

But now I come full circle.. Why can’t people respect how others feel about FFXIV? Of course not everyone does this or shuns me on my opinions, but.. an excessive amount do, and I just don’t get why.

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