Thundercloud is the best single target spell in the game

I think it’s a good change. Thunderclouds have and always granted us mobility (mobility check.) the potency was increased so its more on par with fire 4 if the ACTIVE dot is about to wear off (potency issues vs fire 4 check.) And DOUBLE the proc chance? I’ll take it. Also enochian change will make floor 3 less of a headache because on that floor I actually do get ahead of the enochian cast curve occasionally.

Well, the math says, Thundercloud is now worth 780 potency that scales higher with SS higher than F4, so it’s certainly stronger than F4 now. The only thing about it is the opportunity cost, IE it won’t necessarily be worth dropping a F4 for a Thundercloud because you will often want to use Thunder as filler for MP ticks (if, say, you can only do Thundercloud or F4 as your last move in a rotation, F4 will take precedence because you’ve got half the Thundercloud damage coming more than 50% of the time anyway). I’m looking at this change as a raw DPS upgrade for now without trying it, our odds of using a very strong Thundercloud as our filler in UI (and yes, we always have this capability, even if it’s after B4) just shot way up. Using it in place of F4 in AF, I don’t believe that is the intent unfortunately, the stipulations on using it are still going to be high in a F4 rotation except specific rotations and timings but we’ll see.


Since F3 is less damage than our primary dps spell now, that would turn it into a utility proc, rather than the flat dps boost it used to be. With a fresh enochian we could potentially eke out an extra F4 but that wouldn’t make us OP, and the increased mobility of being able to move and keep AF up would make enochian less frustrating over all.

Proving once again the only way to fix something is to increase potencies and worsening the problem with Thundercloud by doubling the procs. It’s definitely a boost for stuff like A1 and at a base of 780 Potency. Thundercloud is the best single target spell in the game. With that potency so high, you can recast a proc under 18 seconds to have a better Potency than F4. Under 21 second is barely a lost.

Been doing some Alex NM farm before we can raid later … BLM feels exactly the same. The Enochian buff is so far as situational as it sounds (you really don’t want to turn rotation 3 into rotation by default, Sharpcast isn’t up usually even if you would), and the Thundercloud buff, you really can’t use them without sacrificing F4 for, because the later your rotation is before B4, even if you technically have time, that makes dodging that much hairier and limits your options greatly.

Just my impression after a few dummy trials and some A1-4s. It is a DPS increase just on the fact that you can use Thundercloud as filler more often, and Thunder does a little more, but it’s not a big increase, and I kind of wonder why they did it in the first place when the complaints were about Enochian timers.

It feels Spell Speed will get a stronger impact. That said, they definitely missed the train on making Thundercloud part of the rotation. First dummy try when I logged I did 1220 single target Dummy 4 minutes parse with an X-Potion. The buff is noticeable and I guess you lose less DPS from moving if you get more procs.

Fact is Thundercloud is superior to Fire IV. You need to clip a Thunder dot higher than 18 seconds to actually lose DPS versus Fire IV. So you might lose some Fire IVs but it’s still a gain and a proc = mobility. There is also a situation you can Enochian in the middle of your astral fire so you don’t lose any Fire IV. At best, you get a Thundercloud and replace that Fire IV by a Fire I which is still a DPS gain.

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