trying to get an alternate character to the point she can access Ishgard

I’ve been playing the 2.* MSQ, trying to get an alternate character to the point she can access Ishgard. A couple of things have struck me as I played through it.

1) Alphinaud is a prick. He muscles his way into the structure of the Scions, takes over Minfilia’s role as communicant to the movers and shakers of Eorzea, and treats the Warrior of Light as his own, personal errand girl. He feels no apparent shame at evesdropping outside Minfilia’s door, or bursting through said door when someone says something interesting. He puts together a private army, answerable to no one, and then loses control over it (and who didn’t see that coming? (Well, okay; I didn’t… I expected him to betray us all, and turn out to be the villain behind the scenes of everything)). If I could toss one person off the high bridge in Highbridge, it would be Alphinaud. If I could toss two people off, Illbred (Ilberd) would join him on his journey to the bottom.

2) Of the primary Scions with whom we interact, the inner circle are apparently all Sharlayans, save only Minfilia (who has the snooty accent, but not the tatoos) and us. (Unless your personal headcannon backstory has you from Sharlayan, in which case, never mind). This creates a sort of distancing effect, where we, the Warrior of Light, is treated as a dumb weapon, not smart enough to understand the complicated talk of the grownups. I’ve grown to hate them all.

3) In the lead up to the instanced fight on Ishgard’s bridge, behind the Gates of Judgement, there’s a meeting of the inner circle of the Scions, including us. The group decides as a whole to get involved in the Ishgard-Dravania war. Then Minfilia turns to us, and says, “It’s a dangerous road, but I hope you’ll walk it with us to the end.”

Wait… what? Wasn’t I just right here, helping decide that we were going to do this? And isn’t “we” in this case mostly me making with the sticking the weapons into dragons? Why would she need to reconfirm my participation? Unless, of course, she really sees us as an outsider. A Scion in name, but not in fact. A weapon with an inconvenient mind of her own.

4) Although we recruit Alphinaud’s private little army, no one offers us a uniform, or even a pot of ultramarine dye.

The Scions use us, but they don’t include us.

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