Warrior of Darkness: alter ego or something completely different?

I’d definitely like to keep leaving my mind wide open to this. We are seen as better than we are. There’s a tendency, whenever any one person puts another in harms way on behalf of a different point of view, for the Warrior of Light to see little problem mowing them down. You’d think a person here or there would have more to say about it than, “Yeah, he probably was a wanker. Move along.” The few who do usually turn out to be “bad”, themselves.

As for how this relates to the Warriors of Darkness, I suppose this calls for a tangentially related holistic rant. (Forgive me.)

Thematically speaking, (so far) all of our questionable actions and ethically gray decisions have been on deeper, more complex levels of the game’s storytelling (i.e. our interactions with people and politics and such). The highest, most fundamental parts of the story, however, uniformly paint us as The Righteous (so far). There is The Light, that on the side of Hydaelyn (and thus, as far as we’ve been led to believe, corporeal existence and mortals as a general concept), and there is The Darkness, that which wants to swallow it. Inside the world of The Light, there is a huge spectrum of good and evil, wise and misguided, honorable and dishonorable, and that’s where the gray usually manifests in relation to the Warrior of Light.

I’m having a lot of trouble convincing myself to let go of that worldview just because Elidibus says so. The other Ascians, the “reincarnation set”, are clearly painted as being aligned with The Darkness, but Elidibus presents himself as the man of reason; the Arbiter of balance. He says that he wants to put us back on the right path. That would cause a lot more self-doubt for me if the sales pitch didn’t include Zodiark’s return and Hydaelyn – including the world and mortals – being lost in a reversion to a previous form. If he was simply saying that Zodiark needs to come back and the two need to co-exist in balance, I’d be a lot more worried about Hydaelyn’s wisdom in saying “No, no, don’t worry about it, spread the light.” But Elidibus has never denied that She must be undone.

According to the game’s core lore foundations, She made us; we are Hydaelyn’s children. Does Elidibus have a place for Her orphans when things go back to “the way they were”? And let’s not forget that (apparently, so far) Elidibus only considered Lahabrea’s approach, methods, and perspective misguided. He thought his endgame was right on (at least, up until he was way more interested in Project Primal than Project Zodiark). Call me loyal to a fault, but I need more assurances if I’m going to be questioning Mother (and Susan Calloway).

Sure, Elidibus could be exactly what this world needs – a true harbinger of balance. But, as a child of Hydaelyn, at this point in time, I’ve got waaay more reason to believe that Elidibus is the classic Final Fantasy head trip; you spend half of the game thinking, “Finally, a reasonable person. Have I been doing the right thing?” and the other half wondering why you ever questioned yourself, because this dude is even worse than who I thought the antagonist was a few hours ago.

However, my track record on predicting the future has been wiggy-at-best since about 2.2, 2.3ish. I’m prepared to be dead wrong.

I’ll come back to this after we know where the f[KUPO!]k this Warriors of Darkness thing is going.

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