warrior rotation for max Final Fantasy XIV DPS?

For maximum DPS, the biggest thing to remember is your big opener. Keep in mind that, when using this, you’ll want to ensure that it’s okay to be using deliverance, since death means no DPS, and likely a dead party.

Heavy Swing->Maim->Storm’s Eye->Heavy Swing->Skull Sunder->Butchers Block (Internal Release) (Berserk)->Fell Cleave->Infuriate->Fell Cleave (Brutal Swing)->Heavy Swing(Vengeance or Raw Intuition)->Skull Sunder (Vengeance or Raw Intuition)->Butchers Block->Heavy Swing->Maim->Fell Cleave

This opening rotation allows you to get 3 fell cleaves in during the time of one Berserk. The timing on this is a bit tight, so make sure that you won’t be stuffed by mechanics at any point after activating Berserk. If you think you will get interrupted, hold off on activating Berserk until you know it’s worth it.

The basic idea here is to get four stacks of abandon before activating Berserk, to give you one Fell Cleave right after activation, leading into another free one after Infuriate, and then stockpiling more abandon with your oGCDs for a third one as quickly as possible. It’s pretty simple, but as I noted above, the timing can get pretty strict.
If you can’t afford to switch into Deliverance, and need to stay in your tanking stance, this combo should also work just fine in Defiance. You can also use defiance for the first 6 attacks in the rotation (also great for building up a starting chunk of enmity), and then switch to Deliverance at the same time you activate Berserk (You’ll then need to use Internal Release either before the first Butcher’s Block to not encroach on your GCDs). But keep in mind that this is a questionable use of your mitigation skills, so you may not want to opt for this while MT. For the same reasons, you should probably opt for a less cooldown intensive method if you’re expecting a tank swap or have to take care of some damaging adds soon. Additionally, while you are going hard in the paint with your cleaving, do keep in mind that once you activate Raw Intuition, you will be vulnerable to critical kits from the flank and rear. So do be mindful of your situation, and either activate Awareness, or be sure to position yourself properly.

The only time Fracture is really worth using is if you’re not going for a triple cleave, and have extra room left on Berserk. I don’t believe it should be making its way into your normal rotations.

After that, it mostly just comes down to using your offensive cooldowns when they become available, and if you have the luxury, saving Raw Intuition and Vengeance to optimize Abandon stacks. The only one I wouldn’t be to sure of would be Infuriate, and whether it’s best to use it on cooldown, or to save for use with every Berserk. Just remember that your life is always worth more than a third Fell Cleave, and you should never be afraid to save your cooldowns or switch into Defiance if you feel that you’re going to need them to aid in your survival.

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