We need a complete overhaul of the Crafting system in FFXIV

We need a complete overhaul of the Crafting system in game. Crafting has become nothing more then a long gathering grind. This should be changed so it incorporates Crafting into earning Crafting Blue and Red Scripts.

There are multiple ways this can be done. Can we maybe have a roulette in Mor Dhona. Where someone gives you items and tells you to make so many of something in such a space of time. The faster you do it, the more rewards are given.

Random Drops. If I am crafting for my own personal use. Can’t Red Scripts be dropped after completing the crafts of a certain level. Just one at a time. Level 50-60 crafts have a chance of dropping a script.

Beast Tribes give them. You can do old beast tribe missions for an amount of scripts. Again using crafting to get them.

Either way, These Red Scripts. The massive grind for materials. And the time it takes are far from ideal. We are already blocked by the limit on what we can earn. And as I have said before. While this system is currently in place I won’t be resuming the game. It’s a struggle for me to do Red Scripts with Culinarian. So I need other methods of earning them. Without having to level a crafter. I did my Culinarian before these scripts was introduced. But it’s ended badly because you don’t give us sufficiant information before making these game breaking decisions. Thinking. Oh it’ll be okay.

Also. I would like more information on what the current plans for crafting are. Everyone is in the dark.

And the wait. The painstaking wait for any response to this crafting is very poor. You wont divulge your future plans and you won’t help us with the condition now.

Something has to give… Make Crafting about Crafting. I don’t want to gather every day for weeks for crafting armor.

Well yes. Regardless of what craft I am using. It still doesn’t alter the fact that every single thing worth doing in the game is now a gated grind. I’m not complaining. I’m trying to offer solutions so my game can work.

I don’t care what people think of my posts. I’m speaking from my experience in the game I play. And so far, Heavensward isn’t working. I’m not the only one who isn’t happy with this.

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