well how can they hack your account?

They found a new way to deal with Botters now, they don’t always ban them, one of my friend got caught botting so they lowered every skills he botted back to what they were before botting. He had 99 fletching / fishing and cooking and now he’s 5 fletch, 5 cooking and 39 fishing just so he couldn’t keep fishing lobster.

when i was low level i DID buy rs gold and i got around 7m for 20$. the next month i also got 2m for 5$ and it kept happening, i am now making money fairly and its more rewarding feeling then buying it.

the reason why jagex actualy cracked down on RWTwas because Jagex was losing money from LawSuits because the the accounts that they used to get the money’s memberships were payed for by stolen credit cards so all these people were sueing jagex to get their money back and Jagex lost money so they fixed it.

odds are they have tons of accounts that they play on, and then they juss give u tons of tricks until you have maintained the amount your purchased…higher money orders could be a trip to GWD

well how can they hack your account? if u got email, credit card, and recovery questions its impossible tbh. although i would still never do this because they would find a way to fuck up ur account. and btw the money is made by jap’s who take 12-hour shifts of killing green dragons.

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