What Dissipation should have been

After receiving some positive feedback in another thread about Scholar skills I’ve decided to make my own thread.

Dissipation, as it stands, is so situational it’s almost next to useless. I won’t rag on it too much as it has legitimately saved the day in Alexander Savage for me, but that was due to the Aetherflow and the fact that the very last phase of A2S requires little healing when just the Gobwidows are left.

At any rate, I think Dissipation would be better if the reward was higher. Either a boost to the overall percentage gained to healing (I heard that the 20% isn’t even worth it as the fairy healing for 30 seconds greatly outweighs it.) or making it boost spells and abilities. To be honest, if I had to rework Dissipation I’d do it like this…

Gives the user three Aetherflow stacks, desummons their fairy and summons the opposite fairy. So if you used Dissipation with Selene, she would go away and Eos would replace her. Based on which fairy was desummoned the Scholar would gain a different effect. If Selene is desummoned, maybe the entire party gets a haste buff (which can override or stack with Fey Wind). Maybe like 10%? (This is once every 3 minutes, you know). If Eos is desummoned, give the Scholar 20% more healing on spells and abilities.

This may sound OP but I think it adds a new meta to Scholar healing. Not only would you use Dissipation for emergency healing, but you would use it swap fairies. This actually enables the Scholar to use everything in their toolkit and would give each fairy some time to shine without the huge penalty of either wasting 5 precious seconds or blowing an important Swiftcast.

Let me know what you think and what you would change. I understand Scholar is a great healer and I’m not trying to buff them to make them broken, but Dissipation is just far too situational to even see proper use.

One thought on “What Dissipation should have been”

  1. I also use it to swap my fairies. I love the swap my fairies durning fight like A11 and Sophia ex. Starting with Selene to give the DPS that little push durning the first fase where the healing isn’t that intense and you got some DPS-checks. And then use Dissipation to higher up my shields durning the ult-attacks and then swap my fary after that 30 seconds. So yeah sinds this patch I use Dissipation indeed for fairy swap and I love it :).

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