What should I be doing to prep for FFXIV Heavensward?

I am having a hard time getting through the end game stuff. Not much direction and people are helpful but some times its like decrypting code.

I just wonder what a good level I should be at when the DLC comes out. I keep plugging away at buying the 120 stuff and working on my 110 weapon but I still haven’t even gotten to the extreme primal fights and I haven’t made it through Coil 5.

Do you guys think I’m gonna be to far behind, or do you think it doesn’t matter seeing as the new area and lvl cap raise are coming hand in hand?

This are my advices.

1. Finish MainScenario now since is required in order to move to Heavensward
2. Whatever is your main Job, you should increase him up to Ilvl 130, also get your Weapon Zeta ( Yes well will become useless but still is a ilvl135 weapon, also we dont know exacly what will happen to Zeta, all we know is this “advantaje” )
3. Try go get us much gil as you can, this is optional but I would do it since we dont know what things you need on the future. Maybe you would need objets/gears that would be expensive so I wouldnt take any risks

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