What’s up with the defeatist attitude ?

Why are people leaving after one or two tries, especially in a fight with Echo, only to queue back as soon as the group is disbanded ?

Unless it’s a complete disaster I don’t see the point, the more you try the more the members of your party get used to the fight (and additionally your stats are increased with echo).
When you leave you pretty much try your luck hoping to get into an overgeared party, but most of the time you’ll get back to square one.

What’s worse is that I see this the most with dps. I thought the wait time were atrocious ?
Even though I rarely wait more than five minutes as tank I never give up on a group, shouldn’t the 30 minutes wait motivate people to try harder ?

It’s a bit disheartening to go through like five different groups to beat the Chrysalis because people leave after the first wipe, or running Titan hard for hours because people leave with 30% echo only to end up 5 min later with them in another group, but without echo.

Sorry for the rant, but I really hope players won’t be like that with the new fights when the expansion comes around.

Well if we are talking about difficult fights like extremes or coils, I think players that leave are looking for a group that more match’s their experience level. If they’ve progressed to a certain part, and they join up to a group that cant get even half way to that point, I’d understand. You can tell pretty quickly that a group likely won’t get to the point you’re at in a fight, so why stick around if its going to take longer then the hour they typically give you to try? Also longer than your penalty will be for leaving. Just /leave, then go eat something, play a game on steam, go get lunch, then try again. You can also argue, that both of these groups, the ones leaving, and the ones complaining about the leaving, could make a PF. But unfortunately the exact same results can and will occur. Honestly DF needs a huge improvement.
And I know this is a complete pipe dream, that would probably take a long time to program. They need a function that can track/rank how far a player has progressed into a fight. Once they have gotten to that point, then the game should automatically attempt to group that player with other similar players that have gotten to that point. If none can be found after X amount of time specified by the game, or the player themselves. Then either automatically queue normally, or prompt the player if they wish to queue with the lowest ranking. Therefor giving the player the choice if they want to deal with a group less experienced then them. If they don’t great, the group wont have to deal with someone joining that wont stick around. If they do great, the group gets the benefit of someone that is more patient, and possibly someone that will help the group get a little further. A ranking system is badly needed, it would no doubt lengthen queue times, but it would resolve some of the headaches like this, I believe.

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