Why doesn’t the background resolution change as you change resolutions?

For long time it has become apparent to me that as I change my resolution for FFXIV from 1080p to 2k even 4k that the foreground is the only thing changing. The text and the overlay basically. Sure the background gets prettier but the scale never changes. Here are some photos to prove it.

According to this monitor: ASUS ROG PG278Q I should see 77% more screen every 2k resolution I go up. But I do not.

So it seems that the only things that scale are text and overlay. Am I wrong or is this how the game is right now? Are there games that work like this monitor I listed and actually show you more screen as you go up in resolution?

I am starting to think the Field of View is limited on purpose just in case that might give us an unfair advantage over ps3/ps4 players. If true it makes sense but seriously shows how a console can hold this game back now. God I hope this isn’t the case. Starting to really fear it might be the real issue though.

How about each person look at the screenshots I posted. one is the 4k and the other is the 2k and you can clearly see the same fov for both. Monitor aspect ratio was 16:9 but according to asus that should not matter. I should see more fov on the sides and I clearly do not. I do however see a clearly larger area when looking at my desktop of the same resolution. Just not the game. Assumption about consoles was fair. I play on ps3 ps4 and pc for the whole time this version off FFXIV has been out and I can see the holdings back now. I used to argue and defend consoles but I am not going to keep doing what I know is not right. I do in fact now believe the consoles are holding this game back if nothing more than the argument I am making right now about higher resolutions. They are not able to do it and letting pc see more field area would in fact be an unfair advantage to a console player. If any dev or mod would come right out and say right now that the game will get a greater fov on pc than on console because it can then that would be fair and in that case console would not be the hold back. I so far have not seen anyone actually say that is going to happen.

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