Why I Love FFXIV Community

It’s a pay it forward system to me now. I left wow and came to FFXIV about the same time as you. When I joined I had no one to play with and kinda just wandered around for the 1st couple weeks. Then some random person standing next to me invited me to a FC. They then invited me to a group and brought in one of there friends and asked if I had some spare time. I said yea and then we just stood there and BS’d for like 30 minutes while they crafted. When they were done they gave me gear for the next 10 lvls all superior. They made the game fun for me and now I do the same for others I meet.

As FFXIV player I have to say FFXIV is the only game that never had people insulting me as female gamer. Of course, you do get the occasional bad apple but those are rare and being nice to others is… it feels like part of the community style. It’s something I want to do myself because everyone is so nice in general. I love FFXIV and I will never look back at games like Wow, Tera or whatever.

Gilgamesh. I have a fc and some close friends so I’m ok now. Been playing the game for 4 years now and no longer surprised of elitest bs or trolls and the like. Th problem is so far is the Main Story stuff is too easy so players reach endgame quickly and wind up meeting these elitest pricks too fast. We’re in dire need of some midcore content.

Thats very true I know they added the mentor option, but even so some players still act like douches then leave the party after 1 or 2 attempts. I’m not even sure if that Raid Finder is even useful to that degree all it takes is 1 person to leave then the whole party crumbles and gives up. I don’t even bother with Party Finder b/c of the same issue when it comes to EX raids. I couldn’t clear Niddy till I got into an FC the frustration is there I will say that.

Not mention Japanese culture in its core is about community over the individual. Which in a MMORPG is an ideal mindset. Out of all the dungeons I ran in FF14 there was only one person I encountered that made me think of the hundreds of experiences I had in wow when it came to the toxicity.

I’m an ex-wow player and I recently started playing FFXIV as well, and what you said really hits home. I totally agree, I was invited into a random FC while I was just starting out and I have to say I was really thrown off by people being nice to me for no apparent reason. I was shocked to say the least, at first I didn’t even know how to react to it properly. It really brings me back to the old days of WOW where the community wasn’t toxic yet. I am thoroughly enjoying this game right now, and will probably continue to play this game and not look back.

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