Why is it that 24 man raids only reward 20 Lore?

Why is it that 24 man raids only reward 20 Lore? The time investment really doesn’t seem balanced with the reward. It would be really great if SE would increase the lore reward for completing Void Ark and Weeping City to something more worthwhile, even if it’s only an additional 20 lore which would make the total Lore reward 40 for completing either of the 24 man raids.

I think it’s ridiculous that we can queue Expert Duty Roulette and get 75 Lore tomes as a reward for the 18-23 minutes it takes to fight to stay awake while mindlessly grinding our way through whichever dungeon we’re queued into, neither of which pose any real challenge nor provide any worthwhile rewards aside from the 75 lore tomes for completing them.

I’ve had good experiences running Weeping City, yes, but last night I spent an hour per run enduring wipe after wipe before finally being able to clear the raid and it really made me question why the decision was made to have the 24 man raids only reward 20 Lore.

The gear rewards aren’t really that great unless you’re playing catch up considering the amount of time we had available to gear our jobs with lore gear before Weeping City was added, so aside from glamour, and the very few pieces that we may acquire as temporary upgrades until we replace them with upgraded Lore gear, as well as the one Grade V materia and one of the items necessary to upgrade our Lore gear, the rewards for the amount of time spent and the difficulty of the raid just doesn’t seem balanced with the rewards.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me, but I really feel that SE should increase the lore reward for 24 man raids. It just makes sense to reward time invested + difficulty, rather than place the greater lore reward on a short dungeon that provides no real challenge.

I’m sorry. I suppose this thread was more of a rant to vent how I feel, but feedback from anyone else who also feels that the lore reward should be increased could potentially be helpful in regards to making the Community Mods aware that this is an issue that we would like to see addressed. It would be awesome if our feedback was heard and passed on to the dev team, however I’m certainly not going to hold my breath as I have very little hope that SE are going to make any changes to the current rewards offered for content completion.

I think my primary concern was that due to the amount of time and effort required to make it through both the good runs, and the bad, until I eventually get my gear drop for the week from Weeping City, it just seems that the lore reward is pretty unbalanced considering the amount of time and effort involved in completing the raid. 20 Lore for an hour of “work” as opposed to 75 Lore from a mindless Expert Dungeon just doesn’t seem right, in my own personal opinion. Also, sure Weeping City is not something people would turn to to grind Lore tomes to cap for the week, I understand that, but with people needing to run Weeping City just as much as Expert Roulette, and considering that it’s a 24 man raid, it seems that the Lore reward should be increased. Hell, I can participate in two HW A Rank hunts and get 20 Lore, or kill one HW S Rank and get more Lore than I would have gotten from spending an hour running Weeping City.

Time invested + having to deal with whether or not the other 23 people in the raid can properly execute/avoid mechanics should be more rewarding as far as Lore tomes are concerned. Also, as the OP indicates, I’m not even requesting that great of an increase to the reward, just a simple 20 additional Lore, with hopes that a Community mod could pass on the request to the dev team if enough people also felt that the Lore reward should be increased.

I do appreciate all of the feedback so far!

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