Why is Square Enix not listening to this FFXIV forum?

Yea, its already sad that i have to seriously ask this question, but i think this question can and should be asked by now, since the current state of the whole pvp content in ff14 is far away from being healthy. The whole forum is flooded with threads about complaining, but we still dont see any efforts of you (Devs) to make the situation better. By now, i am already really scared to see such a messed up game mode like slaughter again in 3.0. I dont know why you talking so big about how much you love to pvp in this game, when it looks like its simply a lie.

So, why are you not listening to your pvp community?

Why are you not simply working with us to make pvp in ff14 better? For example why not involving the community with polls about future content directly in the development phase?

By now it feels like you just throwing a pvp mode together, not even testing it (Cleary you havent tested slaughter the right way. Its so broken its already ridiculous to believe you have tested it, thats being said) and then you throwing it at us, saying its supercool and we have to deal with it for 9 months, but we are not allowed to expect any major patches for it.

So at the end, please show some kind of effort and work with us together for an overall better pvp situation in this game.

They should give PvP a hell of a lot more attention and resources to improve it. Square Enix has the stats, I guess they feel its not important right now. For me though, I wouldn’t even buy heavenward at this point, and I’m a legacy player that’s been here since beta. I’ve been looking forward to PvP since before it was ever announced. Since the first time I did the gladiator quests.

But I’ll get heavenward because I started my own PvP FC that no one joined and bought a mansion lol. But theres a CHANCE that the PvP can be something great. Its all up to SE. Its hard to convince them to give PvP the attention it deserves when there’s threads like increasing bust size with hundreds of supporters, whereas for PvP it’s a small minority.

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