Why is the Support Desk in this game so abysmal?

And by that, I do not mean the GMs, but the interface itself.

From opening the window, it takes at least 7 seconds for it to be populated, usually more than 10. And even then the Recent Replies & Notices part more often than not only shows “There is no information to display.” – even if a Support notification is blinking.

Clicking on the In-Game Support or one of the Report links at the bottom, the window takes about 5 seconds in general to be populated and for the actual File Report button to appear. At times, nothing happens at all, forcing me to close it and try again.

Clicking on the File Report button, the text input fields remain unavailable for at least another 7 seconds on average, many times much more than that (think double or triple the time). That is if it doesn’t fail to load completely, forcing me to close it and try again.

In conjuction with Recent Replies & Notices, the entire History tab simply fails to load anything at all most of the time, only giving the “There is no information to display.” sentence, once again, even if there is a Support notification blinking. This happens two or three times on average if I switch back and forth between the Information and the History tabs, before the list is actually populated.

Dismissing a new Support Desk reply is a nightmare: too many confirmation windows only to click OK on; no sure way of telling if something is “marked as read”, as it were; the notification itself pops up on the screen even in the middle of duties; and way too many times it doesn’t work at all – opening the message, even “cheating” to write a reply to it and then returning to close it, simply doesn’t do anything at all, and the notification for the same message is displayed again, minutes or hours later, or even after logging out for the night and logging back in in the morning.

Please do something about thisk, or at least give us some insight into why the Support Desk UI is so awful. It’s bad enough that we have so many RMT bots, with so frequent advertising. It’s bad enough that we still don’t have a two-click automated report function. It’s bad enough that to contact this very game’s Special Task Force, we’re sent out of the game, to a general SE website to rummage through to be able to report certain activities/phenomena. It’s bad enough that in-game we have to juggle through so many windows and manually copy-paste and write things to report something. But the fact that the whole Support Desk system is so damn cumbersome and clunky, as if it had the lowest priority of all the things in-game, is just unacceptable. And really not understandable at all.

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