Windows 10 Preview Build and Flash/Silverlight

I’ve been testing out how FFxiv runs on Windows 10 Preview Build 10130. Thanks to WDDM 2.0 drivers, it runs slightly, but noticeably faster. Problem now is that it absolutely hates running at the same time as a browser that has Flash or Silverlight running on a second monitor.

I’m running on a Radeon r9 270x with version 15.20-150522a-184336E. Alternatively, version 15.200.1023.5, as said in the Device Manager.

FFxiv + youtube results in occasional driver hang ups, but it can recover from it. The driver in question is “amdkmdap”. Windows logs has many reports of this: Driver has stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

FFxiv + netflix severely affected my screen. FFxiv was still running (audio was working), but my main monitor bugged out and showed corrupted visuals. A repeating black and white line and block pattern persisted even after turning off and on the monitor. I had to press the computer’s physical restart button.

Hell, FFxiv with Chrome in the background is enough to get driver stops.

FFxiv by itself does fine though, including highly populated areas.

I am wondering if others are getting the same thing. I don’t even know if this is a FFxiv’s problem, Microsoft and their WDDM 2.0, or that AMD’s driver team has to deal with it. Would be nice to have fixed by the time Windows 10 officially gets released, or if fixed by the release alone. Being able to multi-monitor with FFxiv.. it spoils me.

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