Wrath and Abandon Mechanics and abilities

The generation and spending of Wrath and Abandon stacks is the main mechanic of the Warrior. Each stack generating ability will add 1 stack of Wrath or Abandon to the Warrior when used. Once the Warrior has 5 stacks of Wrath, the stack will be removed and the Infuriated buff will be applied. Alternatively, for 5 stacks of Abandon, the Uncontrollable buff is generated. Additionally, once per minute, the Warrior can use the level 50 ability Infuriate to gain the Infuriated or Uncontrollable buff without having to generate stacks first. From 0 stacks, it will take approximately 20 seconds for a Warrior to generate 5 stacks of Wrath or Abandon unless Vengeance, Raw Intuition or Berserk are used. None of these buffs should be thrown away simply to generate a Wrath stack unless you are off-tanking and expect to not have to tank anything for the next 2 minutes.

The Infuriated buff allows the Warrior to use the following abilities:
a. Inner Beast – This is your bread and butter as a Warrior. If the fight you’re tanking has no large damage abilities (think Mountain Buster or Death Sentence) that you need to save this for, it should be used as soon as you have 5 stacks of Wrath.
b. Unchained – A damage buff, that in turn generates extra enmity. This is probably the weakest of the Wrath spenders, in that all it does is give you extra damage. This is handy to use on the pull (Infuriate->Unchained) to increase your agro generation at he start of the fight, which is generally the only time you’re going to lose hate.
c. Steel Cyclone – A large AoE attack that generates insane amounts of enmity. Useful when tanking multiple enemies with low damage or for a large boost to threat on a single target.

The Uncontrollable buff allows the Warrior to use the following Abilities:
a. Fell Cleave – As an off-tank, this is where you will spend most of your Abandon. at 500 potency this is one of the hardest hitting abilities in the game, and when combined with Maim, Berserk and Storm’s Eye grants an attack with an effective potency of 1,000 (500*1.5*1.2/.9). By using your stack generating abilities (specifically throwing away Raw Intuition and Vengeance) it is possible to use this ability 3 times under a single Berserk. This of course will reduce your ability to tank for the next 2 minutes.
b. Decimate – This is your AoE attack of choice when not tanking. 280 potency per target is again nothing to sneeze at, and when combined as above, results in 504 potency to every target hit and 560 potency to anything with Storm’s Eye debuff on it.

Stack generating abilities are:
a. Skull Sunder (when used as a combo)
b. Butcher’s Block (when used as a combo)
c. Maim (when used as a combo)
d. Storm’s Eye (when used as a combo)
e. Storm’s Path (when used as a combo)
f. Berserk
g. Vengeance
h. Raw Intuition

Infuriate Usage
There are several good uses for Infuriate. Ultimately though it comes down to giving you an extra usage of your Wrath or Abandon spenders once per minute. Pre-pull, Infuriate allows the use of Unchained (stacked with Berserk and Internal Release) for a large burst of hate that will allow you to pretty much ignore hate for the next minute or two. During an on-going boss fight, Infuriate is best used either for an extra Inner Beast that you don’t have to build stacks for, or if you’re off-tanking for getting an extra Fell Cleave or Decimate off while Under the effects of Berserk.

Kitru has suggested the following uses for infuriate:
a. Steel Cyclone -> Infuriate -> Steel Cyclone. This generates insane amounts of threat, as well as dropping 400 potency worth of damage on all targets in the area of effect. Because it ignores the damage reduction of Defiance, this is effectively 532 potency. Good for clearing large trash packs.
b. Inner Beast -> Infuriate -> Heavy Swing -> Inner Beast: This gives you about 11 seconds of 20% damage reduction and is a good option if you have mistimed the large hit that you know is coming. You can also add a second attack in between the Inner Beasts to pad out the duration. Inner beast -> Fracture (or Overpower/Flash) -> Infuriate -> Heavy Swing -> Inner Beast would give you the full 12 seconds of DR, but with a 1.5s gap in the middle. Having more Skill Speed will reduce this gap.

The Warrior has 3 combos to use, each one having a different finisher and a different purpose.
1. The Butcher’s Block combo (Heavy Swing -> Skull Sunder -> Butcher’s Block). This combo has the highest average potency of the three. It also has the largest (only) enmity modifiers among your combos. It will generate 2 Wrath stacks. This combo should be used when you are trying to maximise damage or enmity. Be aware that it should not be used unless you want to be tanking the mob, as it generates very high enmity. Aside from large amounts of enmity and damage, this combo doesn’t do anything else.
2. The Storm’s Eye combo (Heavy Swing -> Maim -> Storm’s Eye). This combo is your damage buff combo. Maim increases all damage done by 20% and Storm’s Eye itself reduces the target’s slashing resistance by 10%. In total, this combo will increase your damage done on the target by 33% and grant 2 Wrath stacks. Storm’s Eye will also reduce healing received by the target by 50%. This has minimal utility outside of a few specific fights, but it is still there.
3. The Storm’s Path combo (Heavy Swing -> Maim -> Storm’s Path). This is a combination offensive/defensive combo. Maim will increase your damage done, and Storm’s Path will reduce the damage done by the target enemy, as well as healing the Warrior for 50% of the damage it does. This combo also generates 2 Wrath stacks. It is important that the Storm’s Path debuff be maintained at all times on harder hitting enemies.

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